Does Intermittent Fasting Get You Better Results?

Does Intermittent Fasting Get You Better Results?

Founder's Tip #1 - Intermittent Fasting

We’ve all heard about the powerful results of fasting. But, what if you could eat during the day, and have similar if not the exact same results?

Here’s a different take on fasting or you can call it old school. 

Eat early and throughout the day, and give your body the calories it needs to perform. 

Consuming the calories you need for the day, during the day, there is no need to eat late at night. 

Having your last meal 4-5 hours before bedtime should help you get better and deeper sleep.  Plus you’ll get 12-14 hours of fasting in.

Here’s an example of a basic schedule.  It’s ok to get in more meals or snacks in order to get your calories in, as long as you stay within the “Feeding Times.”

6am wake up 

7am breakfast

12pm lunch

5pm dinner

10am go to sleep

There’s 14 hours of fasting right there. When we eat late at night our resting heart rates are elevated for 2-3 hours affecting the quality of our sleep. We also might store fat by eating and then hibernating for 8 hours.

Getting better sleep, according to experts, helps out with memory, mood, fat loss, recovery and more!

According to the oura ring, sleep has been deeper, and my resting heart rate has been lower at night by not eating 4-5 hours before bed. Try this fasting tip with your next order and let me know what results you get!

The potential benefits of this schedule are:

  • Better Sleep
  • Fat Burning/Cleanse mode activated at night
  • Improved blood sugar levels at night
  • Higher energy levels the next day
  • Better mood and memory
  • Can help prevent the late night hunger monster

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