Hey Fit Fam, Jonathan Reyes here, GM at the Houston Buffalo Speedway location.

Continuing on with your 2023 fit tips, let's talk killer cardio!

Take a treadmill and try out the following...

Set your incline to 5 and set the speed to 2.5 MPH. This is an easy warm up.

Go for 3 minutes and then start increasing your speed by .5 MPH every 45 seconds. It’s easy at first, but soon you will go from fat burn to cardio.

As your time and speed increases you’ll start breathing heavily through your mouth. Now you’re reaching peak cardio!

Go as long as you can go, push yourself, but don’t kill yourself, especially if this is your first time doing killer cardio. Once, you’ve had enough hop off and straddle the T-Mill.

Bring your speed down to 2.5 MPH and stay there until you can only breathe through your nose, now you’re recovered and ready for round 2. Repeat 2-3 times until you've logged 12-20 minutes

This is one of my favorite ways of doing cardio and getting great results and remember, before starting any new workout plan be sure to consult with your physician

Be sure to forward this tip to a friend who might be stuck in a rut. This means the world to us at My Fit Foods.

The number one rule about Fit Club is to tell everyone about… Fit Club

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