The Benefits of Sleep

The Benefits of Sleep

Hey Fit Fam! Today's tip is about sleep. If you’d like to get better zzzz’s, then it’s time to get aware, wake up, perk up and pay attention!

My name is Cathrine Reed and I’m the head dietitian here at MFF.

Why sleep? When we sleep good here’s what happens to us the next day...

We feel more:

- Energized

- Happier

- Less cravings

- More satiated

- We remember more

- Have better gains 

- Everything just feels a little easier

Okay now that you know why sleep is important, here are a few doable things you can start today in order to count less sheep tonight!

Cut your caffeine by 2pm. Wonder why you can’t sleep? Well if you’ve got caffeine in your system there’s noooo way you're gonna get good sleep.

Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime. Why do we need calories when we are going to lay down and do nothing? We don’t. Also, eating before bed raises our resting heart rates and lowers our HRV. Es no bueno amigos and amigas!

By not eating before sleeping, you’ll sleep deeper and get a better sleep score. Yay for feeling ready to go in the mornings!

Call the night light police! Get crazy in your room with some black tape and tape over every light. Less lights = better sleep.

Turn down your AC below 70 degrees. Experts recommend 60-67 degrees is best.

And that darn phone. Make it a point to abstain from using your phone 30 minutes before sleeping. But if you do, at least use some blue blockers or change your phone light settings to dim. This is a sleep killer.

Speaking of phones, set it to do not disturb while you sleep and wake to a gentle alarm.

Alright fit fam, you’re now set to have an amazing weekend with great sleep! Please be sure to share this with a friend who could use some zzz's!

Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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