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My Fit Foods

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"Liesel is an amazing nutritionist, a caring individual, and a amazing motivator! Liesel took the time to understand my health background and figure out a plan that works best for me. Her weekly reports always motive and encourages me to push through all my challenging life moments! I have been dealing with health issues over the past few months and Liesel has helped me be optimistic and helped me remain strong through all my challenges. Through my persistence, perseverance, consistency, and with Liesel rooting me on I feel like I have seen changes physically and mentally! It’s been an honor to have Liesel on my side and I am very grateful for her! She is absolutely amazing!"

Angelica S.
My Fit Foods


I was getting out of control on snacking on bad foods and eating big meals. The 21-Day challenge helped me from snacking on bad foods and learn portion control. It was not easy for me, especially since I have a big sweet tooth. I even lost weight during the Challenge. YAY me! I learned to say "no" and walk away from foods I don't need. The 21 Day Challenge was a success for me! The food is great, too! Thanks, Morgan, for your help and keeping me accountable."

Connie M.